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Artist: Paul Cézanne
Dates: 1839 - 1906
Nationality: French
Style: Post Impressionism

French painter, Paul Cézanne, usually painted still-lifes and developed the style of using geometric shapes as the basis for his paintings. He believed that everything in the world was made up of either a sphere, a cone, a cylinder or a cube. He began many of his works with these basic shapes layering thick paint with strong outlines to build form. This style of painting influenced artists who came after Cézanne such as Braque and Picasso who painted in a style known as Cubism.

Here are three paintings by this great French painter.

cezanne - image loading . . .
cezanne - image loading . . .
cezanne - image loading . . .
Mont Sainte-Victoire
Date Painted:1904 - 1906
Size:64 x 81cm (25¼ x 32")
Current Location: Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Card Players
Date Painted:1890 - 1892
Size:58 x 68.5cm (22¾ x 27")
Current Location: Courtauld Institute Galleries, London
Apples and Oranges
Date Painted:1895 - 1900
Size:73 x 92cm (28¾ x 36¼")
Current Location: Jeu de Paume, Paris

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