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Materials Required:
Grey Lead Pencil
Drawing paper
Pencil Eraser
Pencil Sharpener

PART 1: 'Defining the Basic Shapes'
Step 1:
Draw a shape similar to that of an upside down egg to the size you would like the face to be.
Step 2:
Add some basic guidelines. Divide shape in half lengthwise. Draw a line across the shape almost halfway down at right angles to the first guideline.

The line across the page is eye level.

Try to make these lines soft so they can be erased later.

Step 3:
Some more guidelines are useful in order to position the facial features.

Two more lines lengthwise which section the shape into four and some crosswise lines beneath the eye level line, sectioning this part into five.

Step 4:
Begin to mark where the features are to fit.

The pupils sit above the eye level line.

The bottom of the nose is positioned two lines under the eye level line and the mouth is on the line beneath the nose.

Note the hairline above the top of the head.

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