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Hey Kids! Submit your art for display in The Worldwide Kids' Art Gallery

Luis Filella - wonderful whimsical illustrations for children

Surf the Net with Kids - great site for kids and their families with online activities and information as well as great links to other kids' sites.

Crayola Website - online fun with this childhood favourite. - online games and puzzles to keep kids amused for hours.

Kids Art for Peace Sake - promoting peace and empowering our children to be peacemakers.

"The unrestricted self expression and boundless imagination of children is seen in their artistic works. There are no limits to the creative energy displayed by children. It could therefore be said that the art of the child is the purest form of art."

About Us:
The Worldwide Kids' Art Gallery is dedicated to celebrating the creativity of children by offering exhibition space for their artworks. We also aim to provide a positive, educational and fun art experience for children of all ages.

Contact Us:
To submit your art to The Worldwide Kids' Art Gallery click here.

All other enquiries can be directed to Mark or Morgen as

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