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Dive Victoria

Melbourne divers are indeed fortunate to have such brilliant temperate water diving on their doorstep. At the narrow entrance to Port Phillip Bay the tide rushes in and out four times each day creating strong currents carrying volumes of microscopic nutrients that form the first link in the food chain. The concentrated water flow and available food sources has produced a collection of vibrant underwater reefs and sponge gardens teeming with undersea life. Sponges in bright red, orange and the deepest most luxurious mauve provide the perfect backdrop as clouds of fish go about their business foraging over the reef. Closer inspection reveals exquisite members of the crustacean, mollusc, echinoderm and mammal marine animal groups which present an awesome array of textures and colours . . . more

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dive Papua New Guineadive the Great Barrier Reefdive Victoria
blue devil fish
victorian flathead
spider crab
starfish detail
scorpion fish
starfish on the reef
epic nudibranch
starfish duet
goat fish
Many people would be of the opinion that the waters of Port Phillip Bay would be cold, dark and uninviting and whilst my photographs can not do full justice to the underwater splendour, hopefully they can giv you an inkling to its beauty. Diver who have not visited the Port Phillip Heads should make the journey to Portsea and enjoy the underwater playground that is my backyard.
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