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  1. The Worldwide Art Quiz
    Take the challenge and test your knowledge of art related topics and win! Answer 10 questions on art-related topics and you could
    win some great prizes.

  2. Find The Mona Lisa
    News Flash! Unfortunately, the Mona Lisa, one of the most famous images in the art world, has been stolen again from the Louvre and is hidden somewhere in The Worldwide Art Gallery.
    • Your mission is to search this site and find her so that she can be returned to her home.
    • When you find her email the page location (must be a page at The Worldwide Art Gallery) to us at monalisa@theartgallery.com.au and you will go into the draw to collect a reward for your daring detective work.

    The Mona Lisa was found on Raphael's The School of Athens image page. But has be moved again. Take a browse you just might find her. She's three steps away from the front page.

    HINT: 'One in the hand is worth two in the bush'

    NOTE 1): If you have visited The Worldwide Art Gallery before it is a good idea to refresh your pages as your computer may have retained a memory of a past location of the Mona Lisa. She is moved once a week after competition closes (12.00am Saturday Aust EST). If, however, she isn't found she stays in her present location until someone finds her.

    NOTE 2): Images of the Mona Lisa that appear throughout The Worldwide Art Gallery and are linked to AllPosters.com for the purposes of commercial sale of art prints are not accepted as valid answers to the 'Find the Mona Lisa' competition. The required image links to a page which states 'Congratulations! You have found the Mona Lisa'.

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