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The Worldwide Art Gallery runs an art quiz for those who would like to test their knowledge of topics relating to art. Many of the answers can be found in the Art Education and Did You Know sections of this site. Others can be found using our Art Directory or Search the Web facility.

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Q#00036 - 2nd week
In Federico Barocci's The Circumcision" (1590) which now hangs in the Louvre, a herdsman has brought something to the temple as a sacrifice. What is his offering?

This Week Magazine, a syndicated Sunday magazine, at one time had a circulation of 15 million, the biggest in the world. In the 1940s the editor of this magazine, William Nichols saw an artist's work in an art gallery. Finding the piece, a painting of a loaf of bread, one of the most charming paintings he had ever seen he printed it in his magazine giving the artist in question his first mass audience. Who was the artist?

Abrecht Durer is often considered to be the first master of what particular medium in which almost half of his work was painted? His many detailed illustrations of plants and animals in this medium effectively began the practice of using this medium for scientific drawings.

Name the Russian born artist whose courageously innovative and unique architectural designs were based on his theory of the 'Proun' which he explained as 'a station for changing trains from architecture to painting'?

Best known as a painter, which 16th century artist also was active as an architect? The main buildings for this side of his work being Chigi Chapel (c.1515) and Villa Madonna (c.1515) in Rome.

Please provide the Title, Date & Artist of this painting of which only a portion is shown.

The Awakening of Kumbhakarna (1652) by Sahib Din is an illustration from the epic tale, Ramayana. Din's work shows 'Kumbhakarna' being woken in order to defend his brother 'Ravana' from the attack of 'Rama' and his monkey allies. What is the main difference between 'Kumbhakarna' and the other characters in this painting?

Name the artist who won Australia's Archibald Prize for portraiture 8 times during the 1940s and 50s?

Add the missing letters. _ e _ _ ogl _ _ h - An image engraved or drawn on rock, especially one made by prehistoric people.

Goya's great fresco painted in the dome of the Church of San Antonio de la Florida in Madrid depicts 'the miracle of who' ?

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