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Toni De Faoite
Irish Artist - Toni De Faoite

Toni De Faoite is the great-granddaughter of James Harnett-Parish, a Royal Portrait Artist. She has exhibited in the UK and Ireland. She has private collectors in Ireland, America and Europe. Toni was taught to appreciate and express herself artistically by her Grandfather, who produced many beautiful landscapes. She was born in England, but now resides in North Kerry by the Shannon River, where she finds unending inspiration in the many varied landscapes of Kerry.

Toni always takes her first look at any scene briefly, so that the minimum of detail and maximum of colour form the basis of the painting she intends to develop. When the preliminary sensation has been captured she is then seeing it from a whole new perspective, in clarity, which is then overlaid onto the original design. For example, a shaft of light struck the Torc waterfall in such a way that the water appeared pure white, and the rest of the painting was created around that first image. She enjoys the use of vibrant colour to express the living essence of the scenes she encounters.

Toni also likes to work with fantasy and mythological imagery sometimes combining these with an existing landscape. Some of her private collectors delight in presenting her with challenging commissions of this nature. She hopes that you will find within her paintings the sense of fun and wonder that she herself felt whilst creating them.

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