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Japanese Gardens by Sharon Galli
Artist statement
By the grace of God I have been given the talent to portray on paper what I cannot express in words. My approach to painting has a tendency to be analytical. Intrigued by scenes where the light and dark areas of a picture create a design of their own, I focus on the overall composition of the drawing first. Once I choose a subject or scene I continually break each section of the picture into smaller areas, focusing on each shape and it's relationship to the whole. I use color to express the mood of the scene. Rather than replicate the subject, I express it, inviting you to view the scene as I perceive it.

I was born in Oakland, CA., May 20, 1956, but have spent most of my life in St. Louis, Mo. I realized early on that I had a passion for art and focused on art courses through high school. After graduation I enrolled in the Fine Arts program at Florissant Valley Community College. Prior to completion of an associates degree in Fine Arts, I switched fields and obtained an associates degree in Chemical Technology with academic honors to improve my marketability.
While I worked in the chemical industry, I continued to pursue a career in Fine Arts by entering competitions and painting and drawing in my spare time. My artwork has been shown in schools and galleries and has won awards in competitions.
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