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My work is gathered from surrounding Townsville beaches particularly Pallarenda - one of my favourite retreats. I love the natural, untouched quality of this area even though it is in full view of the city of Townsville. In the shots, I tend to seek out evidence of humanity in this environment - pollution; industrial structure; man-made elements that have been discarded and corroded. As grotesque as some of these elements are, they attract my attention - I am drawn to them. Untouched beauty is an ideal we all seek, though evidence of someone being there before us is reality - and reality can be interesting too.

Computer manipulation of images has been my medium for only a few years. I have always been drawn to heavy effects on a raw image.

Applying these effects to a simple photograph(s) is my own spin on the human element, showing itself in the natural environment. I attribute this to growing up on a farm in Home Hill, south of Townsville.

This land is completely felled, stripped, cleared to the distant ranges, dotted only with oases surrounding farmhouses. A farm shed held all my entertainment - tools; bits of farm machinery; scrap metals; chemicals, chemicals, chemicals; dirt and smoke. I still surround myself with that stuff today. It?s funny how we find comfort in things, that we know are not good for us!

As a child, I was lucky enough to spend time in the bush around Collinsville. Here I was shown areas of unsurpassed beauty - special places that I still cherish. These experiences gave me an appreciation for an untouched landscape - too rocky and too hard to access for moneymaking. A landscape full of spirit felt by a child.

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