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Bonnie Beery

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The Worldwide Art Gallery is constantly growing with artists from many parts of the globe. If you are interested in English Art please select from the list below:
Richard Baumgart
George Baker
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Eamon O'Donoghue
digital and mixed media
Sandra Spencer
Art described as "power abstract" - simplistic well-defined curves and shapes combining a fusion of ideas . . .
Mystical tones of street scenes of which we are a distant observer . . .
Futuristic images of pure fantasy. Dynamic designs for a new century
Things which linger in memory; the oblique view of hindsight; people and places overlaid with the patina of time and emotion . .
digital art
Raymond Uhlig

David Welsh
Beyond the limitations of the darkroom attempting to portray the beauty of shape, pattern, texture and colour that exists all around us . . .
Depicting the effect of light, especially its play on water is a speciality, and one of the many talents, of British artist David Welsh . . .
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