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The Worldwide Art Gallery is constantly growing with artists from many parts of the globe. If you are interested in Australian Art please select from the list below:
Australian art
Pam Bennun
Australian art
Charlie Brown
Click to see more watercolor paintings by Ian
Don Braben
Click to see more paintings by Ian Chisholm
Ian Chisholm
Dreamscapes which carry a meditative quality . . .
Black and White Australian beach landscapes and full colour images of marine life.
Award winning marine artist Don Braben brings life to his maritime images . . .
True to life depictions of beach activities and scenes
digital and mixed media
Ryan Dunshea
star on coral - underwater photograph
David Glennie
digital and mixed media
Inta Goddard

Julia Goodwin
Young Australian artist, Ryan Dunshea explores the loss of the senses, most particularly sight and hearing . . .
Exquisite full colour images of the world below the depths of our oceans.
Incorporating a range of media including digital images and collage . . .
Artworks displaying spontaneous passion for colour, design and creativity.
Click to see more painitngs by Caroline Graley
Caroline Graley
Click to see more painitngs by Caroline Graley
Winsome Gunning

James Harvie

Jeremy Holton
Abstract, symbolic style developed from study of dance therapy
Watercolours strongly influenced by Kandinsky's theory on the spiritual associations aroused by the use of colour
Black and White and colour seascapes. Balanced angles and emotional impact, accentuating the beauty of the world.
Australian artist Jeremy Holton creates works which seem to glow from the centre with his brilliant and unusual colour effects . . .

Lynette Koci

Michael Leeworthy
charcoal drawings
Neil McIrvine
charcoal drawings
F.J. McKay
Oil Pastel drawings of various subjects including Australian Wildlife, Clydesdale Horses
Ideas developed from memories and reflections on life . . .
Exploring the human spirit through the human form . . .
Drawings seeking to express sensuality and a strong sense of the importance of line
digiatl images
Rhesa Menkins
still life oil paintings
Yannis Moros
Bonnie Beery
Michael Morrison
Color Pencil Drawing
Ann Parker
Seeking out evidence of humanity in the environment - pollution; industrial structure; man-made elements that have been discarded and corroded . . .
Traditional still life arrangements influenced by the old masters . . .
Ancient Egyptian techniques lead to 'new' materials used to create sculptural forms . . .
Inspired by the beauty of the landscape of the central coast of NSW Australia . . .

Marianne Perrot Hay
Click to see more paintings by Janet Petrovic
Janet Petrovic
Click to see more photographs by Ian Plumridge
Click to see more photographs by Ian Plumridge
Ian Plumridge
Shapes and shades of seasonal flowerings.
Paintings featuring bold, simple shapes and vibrant colours, influenced by Matisse and Braque.
Pushing the ordinary 2D photograph into extraordinary 3D reality, bridging the gap between the fine art and commercial worlds.
Australian landscape photographs exploring the interaction between light, shape and colour at different stages of the day.
Click to see more paintings by Dianne Rhodes
Jeremy Pollard
Click to see more paintings by Dianne Rhodes
Dianne Rhodes
Click to see more paintings by Dianne Rhodes
Andrew Rizgalla

D.M. Ross
Australian Photographer Jeremy Pollard has a keen interest in drawing attention to the world we see everyday . . .
Bright and vibrant contemporary images and themes . . .
Freely created images from personal instincts, rather than directed method . . .
A strong belief in the analytical style and beauty that Cubism can represent . . .
Bright and vibrant silk paintings. Available as individual art pieces and as clothing.
Images depicting the mystical nature of our world, via colour, vibrancy, composition, and balance.
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