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Lorna Vincent resides in Grafton, West Virginia USA. She began painting and drawing as a young child, developing portrait skills, which lead her into professional sales by age eleven. Working through college and into her professional career, she has exhibited and sold extensively throughout the United States for over twenty years.

Sculpture, drawing and mixed media painting became Lorna's primary interests in her 'personal art', as her style developed into fresh expression. Her paintings are achieved in one to two sittings. Her students often comment that she is 'driven' to paint, after watching her at her easel for a time. The use of mixed media such as sculpture fragments, mirrors, quartz crystals and other minerals and gems, blends sculpture with painting in a fresh new way.

Lorna defines her personal art as 'art done for my soul', which often conflicts with her 'professional art', which is art done for the masses, the gift markets, or for commission.

"I have battled with those definitions for my entire life now, so many conflicting views are readily given as to whether an artist is 'selling out' to commercialized art. I believe with all my heart there is room for both worlds in an artist's career. I teach my students to draw realism first, then express, so they may find their way in the art world. I feel it is better to work in the art world than to dream of being 'discovered', while working in another field. Functional and decorative art touches many, and has an important place in our culture." Lorna refers to her type of teaching as "Creativity Lessons", she works with each person toward their own unique spirit, and innate style. Lesson number one when a new student arrives: I CAN, I AM, I WILL.

Architectural detailing and sculpted elements are another outlet for Lorna's work. She creates collossal wall mural sculptures, that become the walls of the area they are installed in.

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