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Born in St. Albans, New York, Kim was initially trained in the field of Fashion Design and Illustration. She took a ten-year detour in the legal field, then returned to her love of art, music and horticulture. These elements of her life are used in her work to reflect the beauty in everyday people, places, hopes and dreams.
acrylic painting
" . . . sometimes I think that I am totally in control, and there is satisfaction in that. But most often, the work goes where it needs to go, despite my ego, I am just there for the ride, and therein lies the magic of it all . . ."
Kim's artistic style exhibits an exciting use of colour and form, covering a wide variety of genres such as still-life, portraiture and abstract images. Each piece incorporates both real and surreal elements, echoing the simple and complex forces that influence day-to-day experiences. By experimenting with subject matter and media, she is able to bring something unique to each piece of art.
" . . . I simply want the viewer to look at my artwork and see something wondrous, joyous, whimsical or just downright funny. On some level, in some way, I want my work to touch the spirit. If that happens, my soul is satisfied . . . "
Kim has exhibited at such venues as The African-American Museum in Dallas, Texas; The Art Centre of Plano, in Plano, Texas and she has work in several private collections.
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