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Hey Kids! Submit your art for display in The Worldwide Kids' Art Gallery

Luis Filella - wonderful whimsical illustrations for children

Surf the Net with Kids - great site for kids and their families with online activities and information as well as great links to other kids' sites.

Crayola Website - online fun with this childhood favourite. - online games and puzzles to keep kids amused for hours.

Hey Kids, Parents, Teachers etc! It's easy to submit art for display in The Worldwide Kids' Art Gallery all you have to do is . . .

The Worldwide Kids' Art Gallery accepts submissions from children of all ages. Please read the submission guidelines below in order to avoid any difficulties or delays in having your art displayed.

  • email images of the artwork to These files need be no more than 72dpi and 500px wide

    OR post photos of artwork (do not send original artwork) to:

    The Worldwide Kids' Art Gallery
    PO Box 165
  • provide details of the artworks eg. title (if applicable); materials used etc.
  • provide details of artist's name, age and nationality, a brief paragraph about artist (optional). Please do not send photos of the artist.
  • School groups are welcome to submit class artwork for display. These works can be displayed individually under the artist's name or as a class group. Details about school & district may also be submitted along with class work.
  • Parental permission must be gained in all circumstances before submitting artwork.
  • Artwork in The Worldwide Kids' Art Gallery is for display only. To purchase original contemporary art, prints or posters, visit The Worldwide Art Gallery. If you wish to sell your art online in The Worldwide Art Gallery you must be over 16 years of ages and must submit your artwork to .

If you require any assistance in submitting artwork, don't hesitate to contact either Mark or Morgen at

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