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A still-life is a picture of objects that don't move. Often vases, bowls of fruit, bottles etc. The artist sets up a still-life usually in the studio to do a 'study' of the objects. It may be a drawing or a painting. The artist looks at the objects and studies their shape, where the light falls and the shadows the objects make in relation to the other objects.

Many well-known artists have created still-life studies. Some examples are below.

cezanne - image loading . . .

Still life with Carafe of Barley Wine, called 'La petite collation'
Artist: Roland Delaporte
Date Painted:1787
Materials used: canvas
Size:37.5 x 46cm (14¾ x 18")
Current Location: Louvre, France
Apples and Oranges
Artist: Paul Cézanne
Date Painted:1895 - 1900
Materials used: oil on canvas
Size:73 x 92cm (28¾ x 36¼")
Current Location: Jeu de Paume, Paris
Fourteen Sunflowers
Artist: Vincent Van Gogh
Date Painted:1889
Size:93 x 73cm (37 x 28¾")
Materials used: oil on canvas
Current Location: National Gallery of London
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