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Stanislav Shpanin
Age: 11

Country: Azerbaijan

Stanislav lives in Baki, Azerbaijan where he already famous artist.
He has been involved in many various festivals and has won many International drawing contest in Azerbaijan, Israel, Japan, Russia, France and USA.

For 6 years he has belonged the artist group by Tofik Ismailov, Palace of Children, Baku, Azerbaijan. His Art Leader in Baku is Kesar T.V.

A great talker and a fidget Stanislav is transformed when he is drawing.
He captures all in a moment and his favorite words are : "...I see, I shall do it myself!"

Competitions and Exhibitions

Still Life - oil, 2001

Landscape - watercolour, 2001

Landscape: Autumn - acrylic, 2001

Pyramids - acrylic, 2001

Eye Witness - acrylic, 2001

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