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Hey Kids! Submit your art for display in The Worldwide Kids' Art Gallery. Read our submission guidelines for details..
Boris Ostrerov

Age: 16

Country: USA

I live in the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin, United States of America. Originally I am from the former Soviet Union. I am currently 16 years old but very serious about art. My style is mostly Impressionism although I have a wide variety of styles that I use including realism and surrealism. I have used almost all kinds of mediums however pastel and oils seem to be my best and favorite. I try to express mood and my feelings in each drawing.

"Self Portrait"
Pastel on paper
Impressionistic, Colorful, bright self portrait done from life using cross-hatching and lines.

"The Morning After"
Pastel on paper
Scene of the morning after the World Trade Center attacks with the Statue of Liberty showing clearly.
Very dramatic and powerful piece.

"United We Stand"
Pastel on paper
The ceremony for the World Trade Center attacks.

Pastel on Board
A boy thinking in a boat on the ocean. He is looking out to the ocean wondering about something. Impressioninstic and colorful.

"Christmas Morning Breakfast"
Pastel on paper
Very Colorful, bright and lively impressionistic still life of eggs.

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