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Swedish Artist
Karin Sköld is a Swedish artist who revels in portraying the intricate detail in time-weathered faces.

"My media is drawing. After some time with painting, I always come back to that. My pen is giving me a lot of joy. I found a lot of possibillities in the grey-tones. Especially when I draw people, portraits. I often draw old people. For example an old farmer, an old lady. And there is lot to work with in the wrinkles and shadows. Something I really like. And I do it with passion."

Karin had trained privately with a portrait-artist and illustrator and has studied computer graphic design.

Latest exhibitions:
Oxelösund Sweden-98
Gallery Stallet, Sweden.2000
Open show at IOGT-2000
Gallery Zakris-2001
Oxelösund March-2001

Coming shows:
Gallery Stallet June-2001

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