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Photographer James Harvie - Photographs for sale
enlarge photograph
I am a self confessed photography junkie. Ever since I looked down the lens of an SLR camera I have felt this burning desire to unlock and share with others the intense passion I have for photography. I am not fussed with fancy equipment, preferring to focus my attention on the final product - the picture.

I believe a picture needs to draw ones eye into the scene through the use of balanced angles. My goal is to create an emotional impact by accentuating the sheer beauty and timelessness of the world around us.

A successful photograph is a lot like a beautiful model, it needs to be striking, graceful and remain in one's mind. I prefer to shoot in black and white and a favourite location is the seaside. For no matter how many times you visit a beach it will never be the same.

The beauty of photgraphy is the ability to catch a
beautiful moment to keep forever.

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