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Israeli Photographer Dubi Roman
Israeli Photographer Dubi Roman

There was a time when meadow, grove and stream,
The earth and every common sight
To me did seem
Appareled in celestial light.
Intimations of Immortality

William Wordsworth

Creation is mankind's ultimate treasure. In this Crazy region, during this time of bloodshed, When Darkness intends to drown us all, Arabs and Jews. I'm trying to emphasize hope; a few rays of light behind the shadows, a Blossomed leaf, a flower's teardrop and the smell of mud after rain. I simply wish to force us to take an inner look into God's mirror, To realize how much we've got to lose . . . Nature Photography is kind of a prayer, I'm praying for us all . . .

Photography is a precise technique in contrast to the wild and changing states of nature. As a nature photographer I strive to present nature in a natural form, to conserve the uncertainty, the misty mood and emotion. The technique I use is based on changing planes of focus, soft focusing and scattered light, that gives a romantic and impressionistic effect, colored in the colors of dreams.

My images are pure On Location Photography. I was trying to express my inner impressions of nature through my images technique, at that very moment, without any post transformation. No filters were used and no lab or computer manipulation was utilized.
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Technical Information
All my images were created solely in the field. No filters were used and no lab or computer manipulation was utilized. The Images were made using 35mm cameras: Nikon FE-2 with Nikkor lenses from 20mm to 180mm, as well as a Leica M-2 and M-6 cameras with 35/2 ASPH and 50/f2 Summicron Lenses

As for Films, I mostly used Fujichrome Velvia and Fujicolor Superia 200 for color, and Kodak T-max 100,400,3200 for the B&W. I shall be very happy to hear your comments, questions, or views.

Dubi Roman
Tel Aviv Israel
Israel You've Never Seen Before...

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About Dubi Roman
Dubi Roman has always loved Impressionist painting. He sought a way to express an Impressionist vision of nature through photography - to see things in terms of light. Dubi Roman not only captures the play of light in the fields and forests; the shimmering images of a physical landscape. His works also suggest a different light. The stretches of wild flowers in the wood, the dark trunks of trees, are suffused with a more mysterious light; a spiritual radiance emanating from Nature.

This mystical light can be traced to Dubi Roman's roots in Safed and the Galilee. Born in Haifa in 1957, his father's family has lived in the mystical city of Safed in the Upper Galilee for five generations. His grandfather Yitzchak Roman was a Safed artist and sculptor.

Although Roman lives in the city, he constantly escapes to Nature for sustenance. As is evident in his work, he particularly loves the forests. And yet his purpose is not simply to portray Israeli scenery, but to go beyond the specific place to the universalism of nature. To achieve serenity of spirit, the harmony he has been seeking all his life.

As the Impressionist painters went out of their studios to paint Nature, Dubi Roman achieves his surfaces, not primarily by manipulation of the image in the darkroom, but in the very act of taking the picture outdoors. The first exposure is taken slightly out of focus, and is followed by a second shot from a subtly different position. "A tiny movement of the body, and I can capture nuances that change the entire reality," says Roman. "I can never entirely predict the final image. Many elements come together. Many gates are opened."

Dubi Roman initially studied medical instrumentation, and then turned to film and television. He has worked as a video editor for Israeli Educational Television since 1983. All the while, he has refined his skill as a photographer studying professional photography through The New York Institute of Photography. He is married and has two children, and today lives in Tel Aviv. These photographs are part of an exhibit to celebrate A Hundred Years of the Jewish National Fund which will be shown worldwide beginning October 1, 2001

Rochelle Furstenberg
Literary and Art Critic

Rochelle Furstenberg is a Jerusalem-based journalist and critic who write on literary and cultural issues for the Jerusalem Report in Israel, and for Hadassah Magazine in the U.S. Her articles and reviews have appeared in the Jerusalem Post, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and Moment Magazine.

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