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oil paintings
Oil Painting

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The Worldwide Art Gallery exhibits art in numerous categories. If you are interested in photography please select from the artists below:
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Charlie Brown
digital and mixed media
Ryan Dunshea

Guy Jean Genevier
star on coral - underwater photograph
David Glennie
Black & White Australian beach landscapes and full colour images of marine life.
Young Australian artist, Ryan Dunshea explores the loss of the senses, most particularly sight and hearing . . .
In these digitally manipulated images 'real' becomes 'surreal' with the framing and special vision of this gifted French photographer . . .
Exquisite full colour images of the world below the depths of our oceans. Also read about David's underwater photography exploits.
Neil Griffin

James Harvie
Click to see more photographs by Ian
Tim Mullins
Click to see more photographs by Ian
Helen Osler
Magical images of wildlife and plantlife capturing a 'moment' in time.
Black & White and colour seascapes. Balanced angles and emotional impact, accentuating the beauty of the world.
Images of the landscape and wildlife from the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains of
Virginia . . .

Creative photography that can be framed and put on a wall and looked at again and again . . .

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Jeremy Pollard
Click to see more photographs by Ian Plumridge
Click to see more photographs by Ian
Ian Plumridge
Click to see more photographs by Ian
Dubi Roman
Australian Photographer Jeremy Pollard has a keen interest in drawing attention to the world we see everyday . . .
Pushing the ordinary 2D photograph into extraordinary 3D reality, bridging the gap between the fine art and commercial worlds.
Australian landscape photographs exploring the interaction between light, shape and colour at different stages of the day.
Exquisite photography using techniques based on changing planes of focus, soft focusing and scattered light . . .
True characteristics of natural and man-made objects revealed as they are magnified with brilliant clarity . . .
A Luna Blue provides royalty free stock footage and images. Digitally produced for broadcast, desktop publishing and all new media.
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