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oil paintings
Oil Painting

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The Worldwide Art Gallery exhibits art in numerous categories. If you are interested in acrylic painting please select from the artists below:

Marcus Bausch
Australian art
Pam Bennun
Scott Condell
Carson C.T. Collins
Scott Condell
Carl Daigle
Unique vivid paintings with transparent plots occurring between the characters in each piece . . .
Dreamscapes which carry a meditative quality . . .
US artist Carson Collins sees the sea as a metaphor for life itself in his 'Ocean Series' . . .
Louisiana landscapes in brilliant colour . . .

Julia Goodwin
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Caroline Graley
Harry Gruenert
A meticulous draftsman, with paintings characterized by a loose, exuberant style and color . . .

Artworks displaying spontaneous passion for colour, design and creativity.
Abstract, symbolic style developed from study of dance therapy
Raw, colorful, abstract and daring . . .

Mariann Johansen-Ellis
Color Pencil Drawing
Paul Kostabi
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Michael Leeworthy

Janet Petrovic
Beautiful vibrant images and patterns reflecting a love of life and influences of South East Asian art . . .
Exploration of the 'process' creates a visual dialogue between the artist and
the viewer . . .
Ideas developed from memories and reflections on life
Paintings featuring bold, simple shapes and vibrant colours, influenced by Matisse and Braque.
D. Phelps

Michael Puya

Lucie Theroux
Acrylic Paintings
Lorna Vincent-Venter
A poet and visual artist seeking to integrate the visual and performance arts with literary disciplines giving voice to the often unspoken experiences of womanhood . . .
. . . primitive impulses or unconscious impulses are represented in a creative arrangement . . .
In front of one of Lucie's large works you feel the animal's fear, their rage and their serenity . . .
Personal art - driven expression . . .
Images depicting the mystical nature of our world, via colour, vibrancy, composition, and balance.
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