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oil pastel

Click to see more silk paintings by Vicki
silk art

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The Worldwide Art Gallery exhibits art in numerous categories. If you are interested in floral images please select from the artists below:
Buy Sunflowers, 1888 at AllPosters.com
Buy Floral Art at AllPosters.com
Click to see more watercolor paintings by Ian
Mary Backer
Digital Art - Computer designed and manipulated images
Lynne Brozynski
Sharon Galli
AllPosters has over 7000 images in the 'Floral' category . . .
Glorious bouquets celebrating the wonders of Spring . . .
Intrigued with digital imaging, especially enjoying the versatility of Adobe Photoshop . . .
Intrigued by scenes where the light and dark areas of a picture create a design of their own . . .
Click to see more painitngs by Caroline Graley
Winsome Gunning
Click to see more painitngs by Caroline Graley
Pol Ledent
Click to see more flower paintings by Marianne
John Morga
still life oil paintings
Yannis Moros
Watercolours strongly influenced by Kandinsky's theory on the spiritual associations aroused by the use of colour
Beautiful impressions of nature in all its seasons and moods . . .
Still-life flower arrangements in watercolour . . .
Traditional still life arrangements influenced by the old masters . . .
Click to see more flower paintings by Marianne
Marianne Perrot Hay
Shapes and shades of seasonal flowerings
Bright and vibrant silk paintings. Available as individual art pieces and as clothing . . .
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