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The Worldwide Art Gallery exhibits art in numerous categories. If you are interested in Oil Pastel/Pastel drawing please select from the artists below:

BJ Arnason
Michael Brown
Michael Brown
Illustrations for Children
Kim Eaton

Mariann Johansen-Ellis
Calming, meditative images of light, life and landscape . . .
US artist Michael Brown challenges social stereotypes to reach the 'heart of man' . . .
Joyous, whimisical and sometimes funny pieces with which aim to touch the spirit . . .
Beautiful vibrant images and patterns reflecting a love of life and influences of South East Asian art . . .

Jeremy Holton

Lynette Koci
Color Pencil Drawing
Ann Parker
Color Pencil Drawing
Rhondda Saunders
Australian artist Jeremy Holton creates works which seem to glow from the centre with his brilliant and unusual colour effects . . .
Oil Pastel drawings of various subjects including Australian Wildlife, Clydesdale Horses
Inspired by the beauty of the landscape of the central coast of NSW Australia . . .
Bright, vibrant, querky images displaying a unique vision . . .
Color Pencil Drawing
Martine Saura
Gouache Paintings
Sonja Svete
Pastel drawings and collage showing a more serene internal vision to point out the value of buried treasures . . .
. . . intrigued by scenes where the light and dark areas of a picture create a design of their own . . .
A passion for beautiful color relationships giving emotion and mood to works which appear to vibrate with life . . .

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