Paintings by Bonnie Beery
U.S.A. artist Bonnie Beery began her career in the arts at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising where she learned the discipline, which enables her to create every day. But her true love has always been painting. First successes were paintings of imaginative Greek buildings and velveteen oceans soon evolving to more personal explorations in portraiture and figure studies. These themes are all treated with exciting, penetrating style and are alive with authentic detail and flowing visual narrative.
Visually, her paintings are cheerful, calming combinations of context, pigment, even texture, contrasting light and color into the shape and motion of music, dance and ultimately, thought, expressiong her love of all art.

Although Bonnie is largely self-taught, she proudly credits portraiture specialist Stephen Rockwood with refining her anatomy, shading, and complexion skills. Over time she has blended these early teachings with her limitless interests in creating an unmistakable style of realism, profoundly romantic in its psychic treatment and powerfully calm because of its rightness with nature.

"I knew very early in life that I wanted to become an artist," she recalls. Her inquiring mind has made personal experiences work toward that goal. Personal and professional evolution clearly proclaims a unique integration of training, experience and imagination. Years ago, in Southern California, she resolved that quality, rather than quantity, would best allow her a creative life. One anonymous person once wrote "the world is as you dream it" therefore her world becomes what she is painting at that moment.

A friend once said "a picture or a painting never had the same awesome affect as the one experienced at the moment." Since then it has been her goal to capture that feeling within the painting itself. Her goal is to make people feel the beauty she feels and sees from her visions as she paints. Her paintings radiate a powerful sense of presence, unequivocally attracting the eye of the viewer. The impact results from the multi-layered, intense semantic visual language lying deep within each painting.
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